Jack Chamberlain Detective Series
Four thrilling novels

Jack Chamberlain stands where his famous ancestor once stood in Gettysburg, PA. The 150th Anniversary is underway of the momentous series of battles culminating during the spectacle that was known as Picket’s Charge. But during the famed march across the hallowed fields, explosions erupt, killing hundreds. Detectives Jack Chamberlain and Claire Sanchez, are in pursuit of the suspects in this terrible violent act against all Americans. They will discover that this is only the beginning of a string of attacks, bent on changing America for all time. These attacks continue to escalate in order to turn the people away from their government and bring it to its knees. Jack Chamberlain, fresh off the case of his life in Boston, must come to grips with the unthinkable reality that those that are tearing the fabric of the country apart, are not from some third world country, but are homegrown.

3rd Novel

A serial killer has found a home in Maine’s largest city of Portland. A lethal sniper’s deadly aim has the women of the city wondering who will be next. Even as he lines up his next target he begins to wonder if he can wait for his next victim.

 Detective Jack Chamberlain, direct descendant of civil war hero and former governor Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, is the detective in charge of catching and bringing to justice a nemesis that taunts him after each murder. With the help of his partner the brash Clare Sanchez, they begin to gather the meager clues left behind.

But the sniper is watching and purposely leading the detectives down the path he has designed. Like a hustler’s game of Three Card Monte on the streets of New York City, the sniper leaves a trail of misdirection. But Chamberlain has his doubts and so a game of wits ensues as murder rages through the quaint port city.

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2nd Novel



Jack Chamberlain, fresh off the case that made him a household name in Maine, heads to Boston to investigate the disappearance of Amanda Casey. She is the wife of the Vice President of an international bank and Jack’s high school friend. However the FBI request that Detective Chamberlain and his partner Detective Claire Sanchez, remain uninvolved and return to Maine. But Jack will not abandon his friend, given that each passing hour makes it less likely that Amanda will be found.

            As the FBI waits for a ransom demand, Jack and Claire delve into the dark underworld of Boston. Soon it becomes clear that they are not welcome. The deeper they look, the more they begin to see, in this world, everything and anybody is Marketable.

1st Novel

The Jack Chamberlain Detective Series is a fast paced, exciting and sometimes salacious work of fiction. The story will have you caring about the characters until they become people you know, love and enjoy. Each novel will quickly draw you in with exciting beginnings that never truly settle down. Join us as we all find out what will happen next to Jack Chamberlain and his partner Claire Sanchez.

Yours Truly,

James F. Timmins